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Restoring ecological function at Longquanshan Waste Landfill with GSE® LL



The Hefei Longquanshan Domestic Waste Landfill is in Qiaotouji town, Feidong county, China. It is positioned 35.5 km (22 mi) away from the urban area and covers a total area of 1,000 km² (389 mi²). Operational since 2004, the landfill has accumulated over 11 million tons of waste.

In March 2020, the ecological restoration project for the Longquanshan domestic waste landfill commenced. This project aims to comprehensively restore the site's ecological function and is considered a key construction project for Hefei City, Anhui Province.


A major challenge for this sealing project is the settlement that occurs as the garbage decomposes in the landfill. To tackle this issue, an impermeable geomembrane with improved mechanical lifting performance was needed. GSE® LL geomembranes were identified as the most suitable choice for this application.

The landfill area incorporates five environmental protection systems, including strict compound level seepage control, rain and sewage diversion, leachate and groundwater collection and drainage, leachate treatment, and landfill gas collection and comprehensive utilization. Equipped with stable running equipment and online monitoring, these systems ensure consistent compliance with required standards for effluent water quality. Additionally, a combination of gravel guided drainage, vertical wells, horizontal gas tank systems, along with the gas guide and drainage method, and a network of gravel guided collection system, guarantee high gas collection rates and reliability.


GSE LL geomembranes were chosen for their durability, quality, and stability as geomembranes. The customer's recognition of these qualities led to a preference for Solmax products in the third phase of field closure. GSE LL is better suited for landfill sealing projects due to its superior unidirectional and multidirectional pull-up performance, as well as excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, ensuring project quality.

This project is a key construction endeavor in Anhui Province, representing one of China's largest landfills. Moreover, it marks the largest application of GSE LL geomembranes in China. Traditionally, HDPE geomembrane has been primarily used in the industry for field sealing and seepage prevention. However, through continuous research and development, Solmax has introduced GSE LL geomembranes with a thickness of 1.50 mm and a double rough surface, which have gained recognition from major domestic construction enterprises.

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