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Geomembrane barrier for a boarding school in Hong Kong



Caritas Mother Teresa School located at Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong is a boarding school that accommodates 202 boarders and an 18-classrooms school, with several career training rooms and a school hall.

Because the school is situated near a landfill site, regulations necessitated a gas barrier to be built to prevent methane gas from migrating from nearby landfill.

Solmax’s geomembranes were chosen for the project. G and E Co. Ltd., the installer, has a strong credibility, which is backed by their previous job references, as they have completed numerous geomembrane projects with the Environmental Protection Department.

Nannette Chan, Marketing Manager at G and E Co. LTD explains, “We have successfully installed thousands of square meters of GSE® HD geomembrane, and we have a team specializing in the installation work with years of experience. Solmax’s product quality and our workmanship is well recognized.”


It was important that the geomembrane that forms the gas barrier be of high quality and be properly installed. Any escaping methane would pose a significant risk of fire, explosion, or asphyxiation of residents at the school. There were many obstructions such as pipes, manholes and lift pits where the barrier needed to be laid. It was imperative that the installation and seaming were done without leakage. Furthermore, the installation time took place during the rainy season which further threatened to delay the installation of the geomembrane.


Solmax overcame these challenges by employing good coordination with the operation group on site, enabling the efficient installation of the geomembrane within the limited time frame. Solmax supplied 1,233 m2 (13,270 ft2) of GSE HD geomembrane, and the project was completed on time.

The geomembrane will protect the residents of the school from the harmful methane gas produced by the landfill, contributing to providing a safe learning environment for this important social project

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