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Quick installation in challenging geographies at Bornhausen Landfill



Bornhausen Landfill is in Seesen, a town in the district of Goslar, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Solmax installed 150,000 m2 (1.6 million ft2) of geosynthetics as part Kreiswirtschaftsbetriebe KWB Goslar’s groundwater protection landfill project. The landfill is Class II covering an area of 7.5 hectares with a gradient of up to 1:3. This geosynthetic layer helps to protect the surrounding environment. Waterproofing work began in March 2021 and was completed in June 2022.


The landfill is situated in the Harz Mountains, which experiences unpredictable and sudden rain showers that made the installation difficult. The geography of the area is also challenging because of long, steep slopes up to 120 m (394 ft) long. The installation team needed to work efficiently to make sure the geomembranes were not installed during rain.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions and geometry, a total of 150,000 m² (1.6 million ft2) of geosynthetics were laid on the construction site in 2021.


Solmax supplied and installed GSE HD with BAM-certification, 2,5 mm (1 mil) and FABRINET with BAM-certification, which provides increased durability for filtration and drainage, and is suitable for a variety of field conditions and thickness requirements. The installation team consisted of one senior welding technician and two welding technicians plus additional helpers.

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