Petromat MPG

Petromat® MPG and MPG4 are glass filament reinforced paving composites comprised of fiberglass filament yarn incorporated into a nonwoven polypropylene paving fabric. This composite reinforced paving fabric combines the excellent reinforcing properties of glass filaments with optimum liquid asphalt retention capacity of a mechanically bonded nonwoven paving fabric to AASHTO standards.

Petromat MPG and MPG4 are the solution for asphalt reinforcement by high-modulus glass filaments, combined with the sealing and uniform bonding effect of the nonwoven geotextile.

Key points:

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    Provides quad-axial high tensile strength at low strain rates (< 3%).

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    Offers cost-effective solution for full width overlay, local patch and joint repair.

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    Prevents water from penetrating into the road sub structure.

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    Retards crack propagation from the old surface to the new overlay.

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    Provides uniform bonding between old and new asphalt layers to resist delamination.

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    Easy to install on both milled surfaces, and on roads with curves.


Pavement rehabilitation

Function icon - Reinforcement
Function icon - Stress relief
Function icon - Moisture barrier
Function icon - Reflective crack management
Function icon - Rehealing
Function icon - Adhesive bonding

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