Petromat Enviro

Petromat Enviro

Petromat® Enviro is a green nonwoven paving fabric produced from short polypropylene staple fibers. The unique constrcution creates a paving fabric that is millable and recyclable. Used as an asphalt interlayer Petromat Enviro minimizes surface water from penetrating pavement systems and provides a stress relief interlayer which retards the growth of reflective cracks. The green color allows visual observation of tack coat sauturation and confirmation of proper installation.

Key points:

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    Engineered with optimal elongation to allow placement directly onto a milled surface.

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    Proven performance equal to an additional 1.5" asphalt concrete overlay thickness.

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    Can be placed directly onto a milled surface without rupturing.

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    Flexible design maintains an uncompromised moisture barrier, even if cracking does occur in the pavement.

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    Provides 360 degree strength for multidirectional performance.

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    Engineered to be easily milled and recycled into new asphalt concrete.


Pavement rehabilitation

Function icon - Adhesive bonding
Function icon - Stress relief
Function icon - Moisture barrier
Function icon - Reflective crack management
Function icon - Rehealing

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