High performance white surfaced geomembranes

High performance white surfaced geomembranes

GSE® White is a co-extruded, high density (HDPE) or linear low density (LLDPE) polyethylene geomembrane with a UV resistant and light reflective surface layer. The white layer is fully integrated with the primary black geomembrane layer; all of the excellent properties of GSE geomembranes are not altered.

Benefits of using a white surfaced geomembrane 

When using a black geomembrane, the amount of slack that is required to account for the thermal expansion and contraction can cause wrinkles in the liner system. These wrinkles introduce a variety of issues such as a drainage blocking, stress points in the material, and uneven stress distribution throughout the entire system. GSE White minimizes the required amount of slack and allows wrinkles to be smaller and easier to manage. The installer can deliver the best possible system and, in the end, increase the lifespan of the liner system.  

Studies have shown that the temperature fluctuations that occur when using black geomembranes can cause moisture in the underlying layers to condense on the underside of the liner. This desiccating effect harms the clay or GCL layer beneath the liner and can also cause liquid build up at the base of slopes. With GSE White, the temperature fluctuations are lessened which in turn acts to maintain a stable moisture gradient below the liner.

Product benfits:

  • Reduce wrinkles from thermal expansion 

  • Minimize risk of damage to liner caused by wrinkles 

  • Improve damage detection 

  • Minimize radiant heat buildup and reduce worker fatigue 

  • Improve visibility in low light applications

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