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In this decisive decade,
the construction industry must lead the way in decarbonizing civil and environmental infrastructure.

At Solmax, we are more than ready.

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Let’s build infrastructure better.

Infrastructure empowers communities. Climate change is redefining the way it’s built.

Traditional materials like gravel, steel and concrete are being succeeded by geosynthetics, which are proven to be more resilient and less harmful to the environment. As the world leader in geosynthetics, our decades of engineering experience is being built-in to every sustainable project we enable.

In this critical time for the planet, we will keep challenging conventions and pioneering new solutions, because to make the world a better place, we have to build infrastructure better.

Why Solmax?

Sustainable performance

We are driven by the sustainability of geosynthetics and the resilience of high-performance engineering.

Our strength comes from our engineering heritage, the talent in our people and our belief in collaboration.

Innovating for tomorrow

We pioneer sustainable construction materials with fearless and focused determination, to make tomorrow’s world a better place.

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Our Brands

The Solmax brand portfolio is a collection of familiar and respected names from across the geosynthetics industry, now under one roof. Each brand offers a range of category-leading products. Together they are the best of the best.


We are engineers that build solutions for sustainable infrastructure construction.


We also build long-term relationships with our customers, enabling them to meet their own sustainability goals and delivering the reassurance of world-class product performance and customer service.

About us

Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions, for civil and environmental infrastructure. Its pioneering products separate, contain, filter, drain and reinforce essential applications in a more sustainable way – making the world a better place. The company was founded in 1981, and has grown through the acquisition of GSE, TenCate and Propex. It is now the largest geosynthetics company in the world, empowered by more than 2,000 talented people. Solmax is headquartered in the province of Quebec, Canada, with subsidiaries and operations across the globe.

Setting standards

Solmax works with governments to draw up industry regulations, collaborates with stakeholders worldwide to raise environmental requirements, and enhances technical designs for projects. Groundbreaking products brought to market by Solmax and its wholly owned companies include the first HDPE geomembranes, textured liners, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), white reflective geomembranes, conductive geomembranes, and high-flow and pressure-resistant drainage solutions.

Uncompromised quality

Our products are manufactured to strict international quality standards. All our products are tested and verified at our dedicated and comprehensive laboratories which maintain numerous accreditations. We offer our partners a wide scope of testing according to published standards to ensure products delivered to sites meet specified quality requirements.

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