MIRAFI® HMi has exceptional stiffness, making it suitable for applications that demand robust reinforcement. This property minimizes deformation under stress, thus extending the lifespan and durability of infrastructure projects like access roads, roadways, railways, and embankments. MIRAFI HMi consistently performs well under load, maintaining its structure even under rigorous conditions. ​

MIRAFI HMi’s packing efficiency allows for high quantity per truckload compared to other products and solutions.

Key points:

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    Engineered from specialized manufacturing technology with the highest possible stiffness modulus.

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    Enhanced durability and long-term performance under extreme conditions.

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    Streamlined installation process by integrating reinforcement, separation, and filtration into a single product.

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    Fully recyclable, supporting sustainable construction practices while reducing the environmental impact​.

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    Reduces transportation costs and the associated carbon footprint.


Subgrade stabilization

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