MIRAFI Geolon Robulon PET

MIRAFI Geolon Robulon - PET

MIRAFI® Geolon® Robulon PET is designed for erosion control and veneer stability. The PET base layer is resistant to heavy and constant loads needed in soil retention on landfill slopes, for example. The combination of both reinforcement and soil retention from the high strength 3-dimensional geocomposite structure, makes MIRAFI Geolon Robulon PET the ideal mat for erosion control in a variety of applications. 

Key points:

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    Geosynthetic solutions for erosion control.

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    High strength 3-dimensional geocomposite.

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    PET base layer is resistant to heavy and constant loads.

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    Ideal for soil retention on landfill slopes.


Veneer stability

Function icon - Erosion control

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