Beach enhancement at Marina of Portimão
The Marina of Portimão project, led by Solmax and Geosin, innovatively created a beach with reduced wave action, using underwater GEOTUBE® systems, enhancing attractiveness and reducing maintenance costs.

Beach enhancement at Marina of Portimão


The Marina of Portimão, specializing in marina operation and maintenance, embarked on a project to create a beach with reduced wave action. The initiative aimed to enhance beach attractiveness and reduce maintenance requirements. The project, originally scheduled for 2022, was executed in 2023 near the entrance of the Port of Portimão. Solmax and Geosin, leveraging their European project experiences, updated the initial design by Consulmar to meet specific needs. This project promised significant benefits for the Marina of Portimão, including future maintenance cost savings.


The installation of the Solmax GEOTUBE® systems was a primary component of this project, conducted by a diving company skilled in underwater operations. The project faced challenges typical of marine environments, such as weather fluctuations and sea conditions, which could potentially delay the filling process and installation. These issues were mitigated by the diving company's meticulous preparation, supported by Solmax and Geosin's expertise. The project's uniqueness lay in its innovative underwater installation method, the first of its kind in Portugal.


Solmax’s role was pivotal in the successful completion of this project. The primary products used were the Solmax GEOTUBE systems (Ø3,25 m [10.7 ft] GT1000MB) and GEOTUBE Scour aprons GT600M. These products were selected based on water depth, hydrological circumstances, and their suitability for the beach environment. The sand colored GEOTUBE GT1000MB blended well with the beach, and all products were CE certified and adhered to ISO standards. This project demonstrated the advantages of using GEOTUBE systems over traditional rock solutions, highlighting their reversibility and utilization of local filling materials. Notably, the project was completed ahead of schedule, underscoring Solmax’s expertise, product quality, and the effectiveness of the distributor. This success has set the stage for future collaborations.