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PROPEX® erosion control solutions

PROPEX Armormax 2.jpg

PROPEX® Armormax

Engineered Earth Armoring System

PROPEX Pyramat-3.jpg

PROPEX® Pyramat

Turf Reinforcement Mat | High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat 

PROPEX Scourlok-3.jpg

PROPEX® Scourlok

Engineered Bank Stabilization System

PROPEX Pyramattress-2.jpg

PROPEX® Pyramattress

Engineered Mattress System

PROPEX Pyrawall-2.jpg

PROPEX® Pyrawall

Engineered Wrap-Face Vegetated System

PROPEX Landlok-3.jpg

PROPEX® Landlok

Turf Reinforcement Mat | Erosion Control Blankets  

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