Meet us at Geosynthetic Technical Seminars

Meet us at Geosynthetic Technical Seminars

Date: 15 and 18 April, 14 and 16 May

Heure: 12:00 PM

Location: South Carolina & North Carolina


Ferguson, in collaboration with Solmax, is hosting a series of Geosynthetic Technical Seminars tailored for engineers and contractors.

We invite you to explore the latest advancements in geosynthetic technologies applicable to roadways and natural-based erosion control solutions. The seminar includes a complimentary lunch, followed by an opportunity to connect through happy hours after the sessions.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Technical sessions: 12:00 PM - 6:30 PM (lunch provided)

  • Happy hour from 6:30 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend, but please note that seating is limited. All 4 sessions will cover topics such as sustainable pavement solutions, roadway reinforcement and stabilization performance and erosion control.

Please register using the links below:

15 April – Geosynthetic Seminar in North Charleston, South Carolina registration

18 April – Geosynthetic Seminar in Greenville, South Carolina registration

14 May – Geosynthetic Seminar in Raleigh, North Carolina registration

16 May – Geosynthetic Seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina registration

Look out for: Todd Julian, Jake Pope, Adam Pierce