Trilogy at Monarch Dunes, Nipomo, California

june 2024

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Trilogy at Monarch Dunes, Nipomo, California


Monarch Dunes is a resort community that offers residents golf, recreation, and a community vineyard. During construction, a drainage channel was installed in the vineyard to convey surface runoff from the housing development to detention storage basins. Due to the steepness of the slope, the amount of flow, and the erodible sandy soils, the channel severely eroded and failed. The developer needed a solution to provide long-term stabilization of the channel.


Initially hard armoring solutions were considered, but the developer wanted a more natural aesthetic. A combination of PROPEX ®Armormax® and PROPEX Pyramattress ®, an engineered mattress system that uses PROPEX Pyramat® 75 high performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) to construct a geosynthetic/soil/rock composite for protection of channels, slopes, and spillways, was selected. The combined system was designed to provide erosion control on the side slopes and scour resistance in the channel bottom caused by the constant flow of water.

Unlike hard armoring technologies, PROPEX Pyramattress components are corrosion resistant and promote vegetation, allowing for an increased design life that is environmentally friendly.


The installation of this project was quick and easy because PROPEX Pyramattress and PROPEX Armormax are more easily transported than hard armoring solutions. The systems also install faster than conventional methods, saving time and money.