How to enhance road longevity with MIRAGRID® asphalt interlayers 
MIRAGRID asphalt interlayers significantly extend road service life by enhancing crack resistance and reducing maintenance needs, leveraging innovative geocomposite technology for durable road construction.

By Gernot Mannsbart, Product & Application Manager Paving Solutions EMEA

24 May 2021

2 Min read


How to enhance road longevity with MIRAGRID® asphalt interlayers 

Solmax's lab experiments reveal that using MIRAGRID® asphalt interlayers in road reconstruction can increase the service life of asphalt surfaces by three to four times. 

Traditional asphalt roads can display fatigue-induced cracks within just a few years due to aging and repeated dynamic loads. Typically, road rehabilitation involves removing the top and base layers using heavy machinery. In severe instances, even the unbound base layers might be impacted. 

However, modern geocomposites present a more effective and cost-efficient alternative to these traditional methods. They not only prolong the life of roads but also cut down costs throughout their life cycle, as evidenced by a series of comprehensive tests.  

By employing MIRAGRID for timely, specific pavement rehabilitation, roads benefit from extended durability. This approach is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, representing a forward-thinking strategy in road maintenance.

MIRAGRID asphalt interlayers
MIRAGRID asphalt interlayers

Key insights from the lab tests: 

  • MIRAGRID PGM-G and MIRAGRID PGL-G asphalt interlayer systems significantly enhance the fatigue resistance of asphalt road pavements. As a result, the need for road renovations is reduced by a factor of three to four. 

  • Opting for MIRAGRID composites during early signs of road wear simplifies maintenance. Instead of replacing entire layers, usually, only the surface course needs attention. 

  • Multifunctional asphalt inlays delay crack propagation and serve as barriers against water and gas penetration, thereby improving asphalt's long-term durability.  

Scientific evidence and economic advantages: 

Solmax conducts and publishes application-specific lab tests to establish the scientific foundation of our solutions. The MIRAGRID asphalt interlayer system is not only innovative and environmentally friendly but also economical, proving invaluable for constructing and maintaining cost-effective infrastructure. 

Environmental benefits: 

Utilizing geosynthetics boosts construction durability while preserving natural resources and diminishing environmental footprints. The substantial reduction in transportation needs translates to a CO2 emission decrease by up to 80-85% and reduced nitrogen oxides. Furthermore, asphalt interlayers conserve 70-75% more energy than traditional methods.