How GEOTUBE is used in the dewatering of mine and mineral slurries
GEOTUBE technology is used effectively for dewatering mining and mineral slurries, providing improved dryness and operational efficiency.

By Norhisam Omar

20 May 2022

2 Min read


How GEOTUBE is used in the dewatering of mine and mineral slurries

GEOTUBE® systems are well-established for dewatering various slurry types, optimal for industrial wastewater, mining, agriculture, municipal, and environmental dredging.  

The table provided showcases solid slurry concentrations handled and the resulting dewatered solids concentrations. Notably, GEOTUBE dewatering offers a significant increase in dryness; however, ensure you observe the units of measurement. Results can vary based on slurry composition. 

A unique aspect of mining slurry dewatering is the emphasis on mass rather than volume, affecting the GEOTUBE dewatering tube's capacity and safe working limits. Rigorous quality assurance testing ensures the GEOTUBE meets seam strength requirements, determining the unit's volume capacity and tube quantity for projects. 

Note: Performance metrics are based on  GEOTUBE fabrics and are not applicable to tubes made from other materials. 

Design & feasibility 

All projects prioritize the fabric's capability in dewatering the pumped slurry. Costs involve evaluating suitable tube configurations and slurry volumes. 

Cost breakdown 

  • Mining slurries: cost is measured in $/ton ($/short ton). 

  • Non-mineral slurries: usually $/m³ ($/yd³) solids. 

Comparing GEOTUBE to traditional dewatering considers equipment capital, operation, maintenance, and infrastructure costs. Generally, GEOTUBE systems excel with specific slurry volumes and assist in addressing operational challenges. 

GEOTUBE systems are pivotal in environmental clean-ups, re-processing of mineral-rich deposits, and water recovery from acid mine drainage.

Operational aspects 

Post technical clarifications, attention shifts to practical implementation, covering deployment, polymer dosing, safety, and manpower requirements. The key query is, "who will execute the project?" 

Two approaches exist: 

1. Skilled specialists, ideal for: 

  •    Large tube usage 

  •    High slurry flows 

  •    Tube stacking 

  •    Accurate polymer dosing 

  •    Specialist dredging needs 

2. On-site personnel can manage simpler tasks, given sufficient bandwidth for proper tube operations. 

Safety & other concerns 

Safety is paramount on mining sites, especially when stacking GEOTUBE dewatering tubes. Issues like walkway space, drainage access, tube positioning, and pumping control need planning. Larger projects with more units have heightened risks and require skilled personnel.  

Solmax offers comprehensive support for GEOTUBE dewatering technology, covering design, installation, and operations. They provide Proof of Concept tube units for on-site design verification at no cost and experienced engineers for site deployment guidance.