MIRAFI Polyfelt Nonwoven geotextiles

MIRAFI Polyfelt Nonwoven geotextiles

MIRAFI® Polyfelt® TS & KET nonwoven geotextiles are mechanically robust and highly durable with optimum water permeability and soil filtration characteristics. The nonwoven geotextiles are UV stabilized to prevent quick degradation from sun exposure and is commonly applied as a separator to stabilize fill over soft subgrades, revetment filtration in hydraulic and marine applications and as a subsoil filter.

MIRAFI Polyfelt Heavy Duty TS & KE nonwoven geotextiles offer maximum static and dynamic puncture protection and drainage.

These range of heavy duty nonwoven geotextiles also function as a separation and filter geotextile.


Separation and filtration

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Function icon - Separation


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