MIRAFI H2Rxx Series


Introducing MIRAFI® H2Rxx, an advanced upgrade of the MIRAFI H2Rx, now featuring enhanced wicking capabilities in both directions. Experience superior performance and efficiency with our latest innovation.

MIRAFI H2Rxx is an innovative multi-functional geotextile that offers separation, mechanical stabilization and moisture management for road pavements and railway structures. MIRAFI H2Rxx uses super high tenacity polypropylene yarns to achieve a very high biaxial 2% tensile modulus, providing tensile restraint both along and across a pavement. Its advanced moisture-wicking technology move and dissipate soil moisture horizontally, even in unsaturated conditions.

The added wicking loops enhance absorbency and in-plane drainage by drawing and removing excess moisture through capillary flow across the pavement. Additionally, its texturized surface provides excellent soil bonding and confinement against gravel spreading at the interface of the geotextile and aggregate layer. These critical benefits combine to offer roadways greater resilience and a longer design life, resolving conventional subgrade stabilization challenges

Key points:

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    Innovation that integrates separation, mechanical stabilization, and moisture management capabilities in a single geotextile, enhancing roadway durability and resilience

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    Effectively separates and prevents the intermixing of subgrade soil and structural gravel layers

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    High tensile modulus mechanically strengthens road pavement for longer design life

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    Advanced wicking technology quickens moisture removal and drains moisture in-plane to prevent cracks, potholes and frost boils

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    Equalizes moisture content in expansive clay subgrades, preventing differential heaving and shrinkage that cause pavement distress

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    Engineered for optimal performance under changing climate conditions and traffic stress


Subgrade stabilization

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