GSE Leak Location suite

GSE Leak Location Suite

Waste from construction, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and human consumption is growing. Geosynthetics play a critical role in waste containment, preventing contaminants in landfills, basins, ponds, tanks, and waste pads, from polluting our air, soil, and water. But, because even the best liners can puncture, leak location and repair has become critical. Our Leak Location® Suite of products, tools, and techniques brings a new level of reliability, speed and ease to electrical leak location surveys. 

The Leak Location Suite comprises the GSE® Leak Location Conductive liner; a revolutionary installation technique enabled by our patented Iso-wedge tool, which removes conductivity breaks and false positives over seam welds; and our S-100 Spark tester, which is designed for testing even the most challenging surfaces.

GSE Leak Location Conductive

The GSE Leak Location Conductive liner is a high quality co-extruded geomembrane with a bottom conductive layer. It is designed for applications where you can’t afford a leak. The conductive layer allows electrical leak surveys to be performed on exposed (bare) and covered applications using both the Spark and Dipole testing methods, with higher reliability than surveys over non-conductive geomembranes. A wide variety of GSE HD and GSE LL Leak Location Conductive geomembranes are available, including white, smooth, and textured surfaces.

With a conductive-backed liner, leak location testing costs and effort decline, reliability and accuracy rises.  

Leak Location Suite – Tools

The Leak Location Suite comprises our Leak Location Conductive liner; revolutionary, patented Iso-wedge tool and installation technique for large applications; and our S-100 Spark tester, which is designed for challenging surfaces.

Our patented Iso-wedge tool introduces a revolutionary new installation technique for conductive liners, especially in large applications. The Iso-wedge is used on a typical fusion welding machine. It is specifically designed to isolate the top upper flap of the Leak Location Conductive geomembrane from the bottom panel to eliminate the creation of electrical pathways during seaming that either create false positives or break conductivity, limiting the performance of electrical leak surveys.

The Spark Tester S-100 can be used with our Leak Location Conductive geomembrane to provide a fast and reliable Bare Electrical survey. It can detect the smallest pinhole anywhere on the panel. The S-100 comes with three electrodes – a cart, brush and seam electrode – to allow the technician the flexibility to test any part of the leak survey surface, even wrinkles, slopes and seams.

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