Formerly Bentoliner NWL

BENTOLINER® NW is a needlepunched reinforced composite geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) comprised of a uniform layer of granular sodium bentonite encapsulated between a nonwoven and a scrim-nonwoven geotextile for dimensional stability. The product is intended for moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications where increased internal shear strength is required.

Key points:

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    Engineered for moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications. 

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    Double nonwoven GCL provides increased shear performance. 

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    Combines the dimensional stability and increased internal shear strength of reinforced geotextiles with the high swelling capacity and low permeability of sodium bentonite.

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    Provides high sealing effect and outstanding mechanical properties.

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    Provides better hydraulic properties compared to compacted clay.

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    More cost effective than compacted clay.



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